Monday, July 9, 2012

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"What is needed is a marriage of two impulses, a coupling of the urge to do something positive with the willingness to constantly re-evaluate how effectively our actions lead to our goal - that of ending world hunger..." - Harry Chapin

I want to use this post to share with you. My high school teacher first introduced it to us and since then, I still love going on this site. If you haven't heard about it before you're probably wondering what a website involving rice has to do with writing. As Aldous Huxley reminds us "Words play an enormous part in our lives and are therefore deserving of the closest study."As writers, this quote is even more applicable. is special because it serves two purposes: it helps improve vocabulary and helps feed the hungry. 

There are various subjects on English Vocabulary, English Grammar, Famous Paintings, Literature, Multiplication Table, Basic Math (Pre-Algebra), Chemical Symbols, German, Spanish, French, Italian, World Landmarks, Identify Countries on the Map, World Capitals, Flags of the World, Human Anatomy, and SAT test preparation. The last two sections appear to be new, at least since I've last been on the site. As an English major I'm partial to the first two subjects and typically play those sections or the language sections. I'll use English Vocabulary as an example of what is like. 
An example that I just took right off is this: 
                divination with a rod, wand, or the like
                crazy about rhubarb
                divining with crystal, or the like
                obsession with red

You would then select the answer you think is correct and if you get it right, you donate ten grains of 
rice to hungry people. There will be a bowl at your right that shows your progress as you answer more 
questions correctly. If you get an account, you can permanently track the amount of rice you're 
donating. As you keep getting questions correct, the level of difficulty increases (I believe it goes up to 
around level sixty). You can also adjust the levels on your own. 

I wanted to share this site because I'm not sure if many people know about it and it's so fulfilling (no
pun intended) to know that you're helping fight world hunger while learning new words!  

Let me know if you've checked out the site and your thoughts on it! If you know any other cool sites
like this one please share them :] 

Next time I'll be discussing some great non-fiction reads so stay tuned! 

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Color Blast - 1- Color Hunger after the by lemuelinchrist, on Flickr
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This beautiful photo's caption is "Color hunger," so I figured I'd share. 


  1. That website is addictive! And not smart to look at when I have little time as I lost track of it. I will definitely be returning as I love testing and improving my vocabulary, especially if doing so helps to feed the hungry.
    I like your website too!

    1. Haha it is! Definitely not a good website to turn to if you're trying to get things done! But thanks so much, I really appreciate it :] I'm so excited I finally started blogging.

  2. I actually haven't heard of it but it sounds amazing! :) I have to check it out!

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm also following you! :( But thanks so much for stopping by my blog! If you ever have questions just ask me because I remember when I first started blogging I was literally a fish out of water! But good luck to your blogging career!

    1. Haha yeah, it's so much fun :]! And of course! But yes I am a fish out of water lol; I feel like there's so much to learn, but thanks so much for your help!


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